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Money Transfers

How can I send money to someone?

You can send money to another person via bank transfer or instantly if the recipient is a LeuPay client, with recipient’s mobile number, or email or account number.

  • Recipient’s email
  • Recipient’s mobile number
  • Recipient’s account number at LeuPay
  • Recipient’s client number

How can I do an outbound bank transfer?

In order to make an outbound bank transfer, simply log in to your LeuPay account and go to Transfers → Bank Transfers.

Note: Bank transfers are accessible only for verified LeuPay users. If your account type is LeuPay Basic, you should verify your identity in order to be able to make outbound bank transfers and benefit from higher transfer limits.

How long does it take to process a bank transfer?

Processing times depend on the type of transfer.
SEPA transfers take between 1-2 business days.
SWIFT transfers take between 3-5 business days.

I made a transfer to a wrong IBAN, what should I do?

If you have made a transfer to a wrong IBAN:
1) Log in to your LeuPay account and from the main Menu go to Transactions.
2) Find the transfer in your Transactions page and submit a request for reversal.

We will do our best to successfully process your request. However, please be advised that in such cases we cannot give a guarantee for the outcome.

What is the maximum amount allowed for an outbound transfer to another LeuPay client?

The maximum amount allowed for an outbound transfer to another LeuPay client depends on your LeuPay account type. For more information, please log in to your LeuPay account and check the Tariff.

Where can I see my IBANs to which I can receive transfers in different currencies?

All your IBANs are available in your LeuPay Account. You can access them from the home page of your LeuPay account by clicking on the „View all accounts” link or by going to the Accounts tab in your LeuPay account.

How can I change my default account for internal transfers for a selected currency?

To be able to change the “default account for internal transfers” setting of an account you are required to have at least two accounts in the same currency.
To set your individual preferences for default accounts for internal transfers, log in to your LeuPay account, go to Accounts and use the Settings icon .

Can I open an account in the currency of transaction?

Yes, LeuPay offers multicurrency accounts and exchange operations between accounts to enable clients transferring money in the desired currency.

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