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LeuPay Account Basics

In what currencies can I have my LeuPay account?

Your LeuPay account can be created in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, HRK, BGN, JPY and RON. You can open additional currency accounts in the main currency of your LeuPay account or in the other LeuPay supported currencies. On opening new accounts, you receive free IBANs for them.

What do I need to do in order to verify my identity?

To verify your identity, please log in to your LeuPay account. On the main Account page click the Pending verification link and follow the instructions.

How do I transfer money between my currency accounts in different currencies?

To transfer money between your accounts in different currencies, log in to your LeuPay account, go to Transfers → Balance Transfers and follow the instructions.

Can I be issued a paper confirmation of my IBAN?

You can download your account details online from your LeuPay account. Go to Accounts → IBAN and click on the PDF file icon [] to download the confirmation for your IBAN. If you would like to request a paper confirmation of your IBAN, please contact our Customer Support.

What are the expenses and fees for my LeuPay account maintenance?

There are no fees or other expenses for your account opening and maintenance. You get a free IBAN for all the currency accounts you open. All of our financial services that are subject to fees are listed and described in our LeuPay Tariff, which you can access from your account.

Can I open an account in the currency of transaction?

Yes, LeuPay offers multicurrency accounts and exchange operations between accounts to enable clients transferring money in the desired currency.

Can I close the accounts I no longer use?

Yes, you can close an account you no longer use or need if it fulfills all of the following requirements:

  • the account has a 0 balance
  • the account doesn’t have a linked with it card
  • the account is not selected as a default account for internal transfers in its currency
  • To close an account log in to your LeuPay account, go to Accounts → Status and click on Close.
  • Please note that the deleted accounts are also counted in the limit of accounts.

How many LeuPay accounts can I open?

The maximum number of accounts you can open in you LeuPay Personal Account is 3 per currency.

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