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What is LeuPay?

LeuPay is an E-wallet payment and financial product, which is a substitute to traditional bank services, suitable for individuals and companies. With LeuPay you can make money transfers all around the world 24/7/365, all by yourself, order prepaid cards, open different currency accounts, download transaction statements, manage your card preferences for payments and many more. LeuPay provides you with a bank grade safety and full control over your finances. Our product allows you to manage your money and finances directly online, irrelevant of time and place.

How can I register a LeuPay account?

Go to LeuPay website at , press the "Join LeuPay" button. A registration page will be opened where you have to fill in your details. As soon as you confirm your details, you will be registered and you will receive an email in order to confirm your email address. Get your international passport in hand. If you don’t have a passport, you can use your ID document. Download LeuPay Mobile App fro, Google Play store. Log-in to the app and start a Video Chat. Our friendly team will guide you through the rest of the process.

What is different about LeuPay payment and financial services?

LeuPay differs from bank services with the security, simplicity and low expenses for financial services such as card orders, issuance, internal, domestic and international money transfers, opening of multicurrency accounts and other, which it provides. Moreover, LeuPay provides full customer control over everyday finances and payments.

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