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Mass Transfers

What is a Mass transfer?

A Mass transfer is a kind of money transfer service available to LeuPay business clients. It allows you to send money to multiple accounts or cards at once. With LeuPay you can make internal mass payments (mass transfers to other LeuPay users) and outgoing bank transfers (money transfers to multiple bank accounts all over the world).
To make mass payments log in to your LeuPay Business account, go to Transfers → Mass Transfers and follow the instructions. To execute a mass payment, you have to upload an Excel file with transfer detail.

I can not process a mass transfer? What should I do?

To process a mass transfer successfully you have to upload an Excel file with transfer details. Note that you need to use a template table where to fill in your payment orders details for your mass transfer. You can download the mass transfer template from your LeuPay business account → Transfers → Mass Transfers → Internal Transfers/ Outgoing bank transfers.

In case you cannot process a mass payment, make sure that all necessary data is filled in each column, that all changes are properly saved on the template and the filled in template file is upload.

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